How to create Guest Network on TP-Link Router?

Starting from scratch, TP-Link is a global provider of reliable and trustworthy networking devices and accessories that meet the daily basis requirements of the people. Besides, as it is flexible with its services, it gives you an option of ‘Guest Network on TP-Link to people. Now, you must think, what is a Guest Network on TP-Link? So basically, a guest Network on TP-Link permits visitors in your home to use the internet by ignoring the need to connect to your private network. Furthermore, the Wireless devices connected to a guest network on TP-Link have no access to resources shared on the main network. So the security and privacy of the main network remain secure and guaranteed. 

Apart from this, when setting up a Guest network or creating a guest network, you need to log in to the administrator settings option. Also, suppose you see having a Guest Network on TP-Link on safety measures. In that case, it is the safest way to provide visitors access to the internet via your existing network. Remember, if your guest logs on to the primary network with a malware-infected device, the virus can easily spread to your home devices connected to Wi-Fi.    

But, to access all these TP link services, you need to create a TP link login account through tplinkwifi. So, you can easily customize and configure all the settings per your preferences. And, switching to a TP link router using your TP link login account, you can experience hassle-free and smooth networking even in the dead zones of your home or office.

Accessing the TP Link Login Page

Follow the downward steps to know how to access the TP Link login page. This enables you to enjoy all the networking services smoothly and conveniently, including gaming, streaming, downloading, and much more.

  • Firstly, connect your TP link router with an internet network. 
  • Next, you can use a wired internet connection only for TP link login access. 
  • Now, open a safe and compatible web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, etc. 
  • Further, type or URLs into the address bar. Doing this will redirect you to the TP-link router login page. 
  • Afterward, enter the username or password on the TP link login page. 
  • Remember, the default TP link username is admin, and password is password. 
  • Finally, that’s how you can successfully log into the TP link router login page.

Accessing the TP Link Login Page

With the help of this downward information, you can create a guest network on TP-Link for visitors. And To do this; initially, you need to visit the TP link login page via URL. Also, doing this will help you to secure home data from outsiders. Moreover, using your router’s web management page allows you to set different usernames and passwords on the Guest network account. Furthermore, to know the entire process manually, you need to follow the downward steps:

Steps to Create Guest Network on TP-Link via TP Link Router Login Page

  • Firstly, login into the TP link login page and type or URL into the address bar. 
  • Next, go to the Advanced option and click on the Guest Network. Further, click on the Enable Guest Network check box, which you can see under the Wireless section. 
  • Now, type the name of the guest network right in front of the Network name (SSID) field. Then, you need to click on the WPA/WPA2 Personal for Security.
  • Remember, you must leave the Version and Encryption options as they are. 
  • Further, type a new password and click on save it under the Password field.
  • Afterward, your created guest list enables your guest to access your home network via the new Guest network name and password. 
  • Finally, if you want to check the information set for the network, you need to visit your router web homepage. After that, click on Advanced and then go to status and click on Guest Network Section. Also, you can visit the same page to find all the information regarding the Guest network.

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